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Soundesign Group (SDG) is a full service architecture practice committed to high quality design and personalized service. Our specialty is custom residential projects, remodels, and vacation homes.  A  project's style and character is derived by listening to our clients vision, working with their budget and understanding their lifestyle.


Each new project begins with a thorough investigation of the site and its natural characteristics.  An important component of this review is the determination of potential critical areas, steep slopes or shoreline issues which will impact design, schedule and budget parameters. Whether it be a pristine waterfront property or an existing urban residence in need of attention, SDG has the experience, creativity and consultant team necessary to make your project a success. Ultimately, we believe that fostering an atmosphere of open communication with Owner, builder and consultants helps build the strong team necessary to create a building that not only realizes our client's dreams, but also enhances its surrounding environment.

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